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Tumor – The OTHER Original Pitch

March 10th, 2010 No comments

Hey folks, this space has been dead for a while as we’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of the print version of the book. It looks like it’s on tap for next month, fingers crossed. The book’s been done for several months, but, unfortunately, there were some complications with the printer that’s left us adrift till now.

Anyways, while doing some spring cleaning, I came across what was the very first scratchings I made on the concept. These pre-date that other pitch document by quite a few months, actually, and, unfortunately, I’m missing the second page. But, for the sake of completeness and posterity and other stuffy sounding things, click the JPG below to check out the original concept sheet for Tumor.

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Chapter Three – Script

September 15th, 2009 No comments

Chapter Three

Issue Three is where the story really departed from what I initially intended the book to be. While I was in the outlining stage, I was spending most of my creative energy on coming up with what the ‘mystery’ of the book was going to be. I had the characters all down pat, but, desperately needed a maguffin to drive the story.

As it stood, he found Evelyn in Chapter Two, had the seizure and woke up in the hospital as written. But, the difference is that Evelyn doesn’t come back. He’s seen her, he’s seen how scared she is, and he knows that she’s in trouble. The problem was that there had to be some bit of happenstance that led Frank to get back on her trail, and out of the hospital. Everything that would make him run came off as too forced. I spent weeks wrestling with the story trying desperately to find that missing maguffin.

I was in a meeting with a Hollywood Producer type and was talking about the book. As I was pitching the story, I got to the loosey-goosey second act. The producer stopped me and asked where all my story confidence went. I told him that I was missing the maguffin still, and couldn’t get the story to flow properly. He asked a simple question. “Why?” I went on about the necessity of it for the genre, and how it’s the way these things are done, and so on. He stared at me and said, “He needs to find the girl and do the thing he couldn’t do to his wife. Protect her. That’s the maguffin.”

Sure enough, he was right. This was a story about a man being faced to look at his past mistakes and face them down one on one. As he flashes between reality and fantasy there’s one thing that grounds him in the now. Evelyn and the threat that she faces. Once I had that piece of the puzzle, I had the story.

I think that really comes through in the writing of this chapter, and each of the following chapters. I felt a confidence in the story that I didn’t quite have in the first two, because my story had found it’s driving force, and, Frank had found his purpose.

Tumor – The Original Pitch

August 10th, 2009 No comments

I normally would hold on to this till later on. But, after looking through it, it’s pretty clear that the pitch and the final book have almost nothing to do with each other. Aside from the core concept, and our lead character, the story, tone, and art are all completely different.

As a pitch, this was a very different experience from my usual pitch. In a general packet, I’ll include a one sheet (which this has), a complete synopsis running three to ten pages, and as much art as I can get together. Generally, ten pages of art is thought of as appropriate. I wrote an early version of the book without doing much research into the medical side of things and with a much inferior knowledge of the city of Los Angeles and it’s history, which are major pieces of how the book functions.

But, what this pitch did right, I think, was it presented the concept and voice of the book in a strong, confident way that caught Stephen Christy’s attention. Interestingly, I’d been dissuaded from working on the book by a few people, and had put it on the shelf. I was meeting with Stephen about some other projects, and as he was flipping through my binder of in progress work, he saw it, read that first paragraph and was instantly hooked. I’m hoping to have Stephen contribute here on the site about his role as acquiring editor, and what drew him to the project.

It was sort of a perfect confluence of events, including my then new agent falling head over heels in love with the project, and making it a personal mission to see it come to life. Along with the kindness of the good folks of Archaia, as well as the exciting deal with Amazon, all of the conditions were right for Noel and I to reteam and create what I think is our very best work.

Here’s the pitch as a PDF document, feel free to post any questions you have and I’ll do my best to answer them!

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Tumor – Full Script – Chapter One

July 31st, 2009 No comments

Chapter One

Chapter one went through quite a few iterations. The real challenge was establishing the technique for keeping our reality and hallucinations clear. Luckily, Noel’s storytelling skills solved a lot of that for me. By using the ink wash and hard line styles, you get a great visual cue that establishes where we are, and, as you’ll soon see, when we are. This script probably took the longest to get through just because there’s so much information to deliver in such a compact space. Hopefully, we succeeded.

As always, any questions on format or the changes from script to comic are welcome in the comments.