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CROSSPOST: TheFialkov.com – Fialkov’s Got A New eBook!

Hey gang,
We’re still waiting on Amazon to post up the third chapter of Tumor, but, in the meantime, I wanted to direct you to a brand new short story by yours truly for Kindle and the iPhone/iPod Touch Kindle App. It’s called Belly Button Reset, and I’m very proud of it. It’s sort of a Vonnegut-y sci-fi romance drama thing, and it’s only a buck, so, why not? You can purchase it here: http://tinyurl.com/ltxpmm

But, what’s that? You don’t have a Kindle or iPhone? Well, you’re in luck. You can check out a non-Kindle version over here at http://feedbooks.com/userbook/7446

But, I do ask that if you download it over on Feedbooks, PLEASE, post a brief review over on the site or over on Amazon. Reviews get people to try books out, especially with low price points, so it’d be a huge help.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the story!


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