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The Making of Tumor – The Trailer

Hey gang, just wanted to post a quick few words from editor, musician, writer, director, and all around genius Jerry Pyle (who you can follow on twitter @jkpyle). Jerry was the mastermind behind the brilliantly done trailer on the front page of the site, and I thought y’all might enjoy some insight into the process. If you have more questions, post them in the comments, and I’ll do my best to have Jerry answer ’em.

And now, Mr. Pyle:

It’s awesome to be a part of the release of Tumor. It was a lot of fun going through this book and the amazing imagery created by Josh and Noel. Here’s a little about the process I went through to create the trailer.

Taking Noel’s artwork, I made a preliminary model of what I thought we could do with movement and sound while Josh constructed a rough synopsis of the book, boiling the story down to about about a minute of fast-paced intrigue and excitement. Josh and I hung out late one night at his house and recorded the theme for the trailer with my accordion and josh’s guitar, bass, mandolin and banjo.

Josh gathered together an illustrious group of voice artists/ friends/ wife, Glen, Eric and Christina and we laid down the voices for each of the characters on a Sunday afternoon at Pictures in a Row in Hollywood with recording engineer extraordinaire, Adam Sakellaredes. Working with all these these fantastic elements, I stayed up late a few nights and with the help of Aftereffects and lots of caffeine, created the final trailer.

I hope the trailer offers a good view of just how compelling this book is, Frank’s harrowing fight against his own mind and body…and the bad guys! It was a pleasure working on this project and I hope to see more trailers for works like this. Thank you to Josh, Noel and Archaia for putting out this book and letting me make a trailer for it.

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