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Praise for Tumor!

“Fialkov’s razor sharp dialogue flows into Tuazon’s expressive washy art like a shiv between your ribs. Pure noir heaven!” – Jeff Lemire

“A private investigator, a seedy underworld, time jumps, hidden connections… It feels like I’m reading the bastard nephew of MEMENTO in comic form — only cooler.” – Jonathan Hickman

“Josh Fialkov knows the way forward, and here’s TUMOR to prove it. The Kindle’s going to change the way a lot of people read comics, and what better way to get the ball rolling than with an oddball, hard-boiled detective story from two great talents? Excellent stuff.” – Antony Johnston

“Frank Armstrong loses track of time in Fialkov and Tuazon’s ‘Tumor.’ So did I, as soon as I cracked the cover and immersed myself in the seedy criminal world Armstrong inhabits. Want a cure for the malaise of lame-ass comics on the stands? Get ‘Tumor.’ ” – Ron Marz

“Josh Fialkov does what he does best — breaks new ground (both in story, and this time with the technology) and makes the rest of us think we aren’t trying hard enough.” – Brian Reed

“Anyone who cares to know me also knows I hold Joshua Fialkov’s work in high regard, and they’ll be shocked to learn that I think Tumor puts everything that came before it in the dirt. Fialkov and Tuazon effortlessly show all the hard boiled posers and dried up hacks who think they know noir just how weak their sauce really is. When I finished chapter one all I could muster was an envious, ‘Sons of bitches.'” – Phil Hester

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