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Foolishly Forgotten

So, I write a whole article about the influences you’ll find in Tumor, and forgot probably the biggest one. Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five. I’ve had a strange journey with this book. By the age of fourteen I was about as die hard a Vonnegut fan as ever there was. Except for S5. Slaughterhouse always felt like it lacked the humanity of his other books, as well as the humor. Even though it provides some of the key connective tissue for the masterwork that is Vonnegut’s complete works, it feels disconnected from the rest of the man’s oeuvre. I’ve revisited it a few times through the years, and was always taken with the technique but not the substance.

Until this last read, just a few months ago. It finally came together for me. For being such an early work of Vonnegut’s, it’s filled from top to bottom with the maturity that fills even his last works. The man was telling a story that was intensely personal, filled with the worst moments of his life, dressed in the clothes of science fiction and fantasy.

I was working my way through the back half of Tumor when I reread Slaughterhouse Five. I think as you see how the book plays out, you’ll see more of the influence through out.

And so it goes.

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